the jumi




JUMI is nationally licensed Acupuncturist and Judo Therapist; traditional non-surgical osteopathic tissue and bone manipulation therapy in Japan. She practiced various cases at a clinic in Japan, and from 2006, she went to New York to learn new treatment techniques. After learning in NY, she became a licensed esthetician in NY and obtained an esthetic license. She was one of the popular therapists at the salon, located in Manhattan where receives high reputations for body and facial massage. She also learned Energy work, Reiki, Healing Technique in NY. After returning to Japan in 2010, she opened a private style salon, “the jumi NEWYORK”. She aims to present a new way of treatment as an international therapist with the experiences she has had in Japan and NY.


the jumi’s theme is to have mind and body that not have to rely on anything else but themselves, trying to improve the natural healing process at its best that all the humanity has. We also aim to educate and suggest uncategorized new therapeutic styles to the next generations.

Treatment Menu

  • the jumi method healing massage + acupuncture session

    80min 25,000yen

  • the jumi method cosmetic acupuncture

    80min 20,000yen

The method is created by JUMI, the owner and therapist of “the jumi” from doing researches on many treatment styles. It is based with Eastern technique of Shiatsu and Western technique of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage trying to treat problematic areas with ease. This is absolutely a new evolutional style for treatment. JUMI method tries to solve every clients needs customizing each sessions by clients condition.